In The Beginning


Where to start? In the beginning? Well, I won’t start right from the beginning just yet, as it’s a long old story, but I will go into a part of my life where it all went wrong.

When I was around 10 years old my life was enjoyable, I had a sister Samantha, a brother Neil and a mother Juliana. My mother did have a boyfriend at the time, Paul, a good role model for us as children.

The three of us all doing well at school, my mother had 3 different jobs at the time and we all lived in a beautiful house. Juliana, my mother, has Family in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. For us, this was fantastic news as we had just found out that we had another 2 sisters and a brother over there, not to mention countless aunties and uncles, cousins and a Grandma and Granddad.

Mother then booked a holiday for us all to go and visit in January 1981, This was perfect timing for the carnival. So, we arrived, we met my family but only got to meet my brother for a short while as their foster parents didn’t want my mother seeing any of the children. We only saw Marlon (my eldest brother) because he ran away to come visit.

After a couple of months in Trinidad we had to rush back to England for something we knew nothing about. A few weeks past and life was back to normal, I had just joined senior school as a first year and doing very well. My brother Neil was also in the same school and my younger sisters school was only a couple of yards down the road.

A few months past, it was near the end of 1981 mid week when my mothers boyfriend received a call from the hospital saying my mother had a brain hemorrhage and they couldn’t revive her. Paul at the time had to deliver this news to 3 very young children, and as you can imagine we were all completely shocked, devastated, and lost.

I won’t carry on any further than this for now, but I will say that at this point the life change was dramatic, not for all but still painful in many ways. This part of my life was full of sad memories and they continued for many years to come. Not all completely sad as I have met some beautiful people on my journey and these people shaped my future. I could go on forever!

In my next blog I will talk on how I got to become a Pastry chef. I will return later with my school years if I get a good enough response. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment, goodbye for now. x