Into a new life part 2


My sister Hatty (Sam) was devastated and was lost for words, it all happened on her doorstep and she was totally unprepared for for this, as would anyone. They had only recently been in contact before he passed away, life is cruel.

After the funeral in Scotland I knew that my life needed to change again, I needed to get out, out of Derby. I gathered all my possessions, sold what I could and bought myself camping gear and a rucksack. My best friend Simon said he’d look after my cat whilst I was away, not that I had any idea where I was heading.

I went to see Hannah and told her that I was leaving for a while and that i’m going to head towards Cornwall. This didn’t go down too well and Hannah said that she would join me, I didn’t argue and knew this would be great to have a travel buddy. When ended up hitch hiking down to Cornwall in a day, arriving at Par sands. Camped there for one night and headed to Newquay. Newquay was a nice town, full of life and gave me a chance to forget. We had a great month in Cornwall together, lots of laughs and met some lovely people whilst working and earning a few pennies, we also enjoyed pissing them up the wall, after all, isn’t that what holidays are for?

It was time to head back to reality, back to Derby. When we got back Hannah went her way and I went mine thinking that we would see each other soon, this didn’t happen. When I returned I found that I need to find somewhere to live because my flat had gone to someone else. If I didn’t act quick I’d be homeless. I eventually found a flat just outside of the city, it was a horrible, dirty little room. It had a shared kitchen and shower and they weren’t looked after. I was in a worse position than when I left. Having a cat in such a place didn’t work out too well and one day she also left me, leaving me on my own again. I think this was an ultimate low and couldn’t believe how life could be so cruel. It couldn’t have got any worse, no money, no food and no life, taking my own life at this point did cross my mind, but that’s not who I am.

Luckily, on a night out at the rock house in Derby I met a great friend, Andy who said that I could stay with him for a while until I found my feet (this was after a few months after Andy and I bonded you see). This was the life line I need, I stayed with Andy for a couple of months and then moved out and in with another friend Lisa, just up the road from Andy’s and it was our own place, it felt great.

Hannah and I had found each other again and thing were going great until she told me that she was leaving and moving to Cornwall. By now I had been used to things or people coming and going in my life and didn’t think it would affect me. I was wrong.

I missed her a great deal, not long after she left I received a phone call from Hannah asking me if I wanted to come down and live there. What did I have to loose? It didn’t take me long to decide, so again I sold everything I had to get money (which wasn’t much) to travel with, said my goodbyes to all my closest friends and off I went again. Hitchhiking on my own was a good experience and something I enjoyed a lot as it took no money at all. I managed to get all the way to Newquay and even managed to meet Hannah after she had finished work at the Atlantic Hotel.

This was it! The start of a new life, a begin for us both but to become a rebirth for me.

At this point I would like to thank my Derby friends that helped me in my darkest times. Sally, Simon, JP, Ruth, Ant, Jono, Dylan, Andy, Lisa, Dave (may you rest in peace brother) and Julie. With out you guys I couldn’t have made it through the last months in Derby, without you things wouldn’t have gone great. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and glad that we have a great relationship.

There are many other friends from earlier days who I haven’t mentioned yet, to all of you, I love you all but far too many to mention just yet.

Until next time xx