Meeting the Crew and Other chefs for the first 6


All training done, well, all that we could possibly fit in as we didn’t know what we would be walking into. D day had arrived, the brief for the first part was clear……. ish. We packed as much equipment as we could in the car (sorry pastry kitchen for leaving you a little short, but needs must) and set off the the location for filming. Bharat and I had mixed feelings on what to expect and what was expected from us, but we both knew it would be hard work physically and mentally, so we thought we were well prepared, oh how wrong we were!

We arrived at the destination where we unloaded and meet some of the crew that would be looking after us during filming, here also is where we met the other 5 pairs of chefs for the first time.


We all have our own thoughts about what to expect from other chefs, but here we met a fabulous bunch of chefs. It’s not often that you meet chefs with happy, strong and lovable personalities but here they all were in the same competition. This in a way made it more difficult as you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the people you like, on the other hand, we were all there to win.

After unloading all our equipment, saying hello to all and trying to work out the lay of the kitchen, we headed back off to where we would be sleeping for the next few days. Booked in and off to the pub to bond over dinner with the chefs and baby sitters (to make sure we didn’t get too drunk).

After we were fed and watered and back to our rooms ready for the next days filming, I had a little time to go over the brief with Bharat and then some sleep. Before I could get to sleep all I could think about that night is “What the hell have I let myself in for!”. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep that night.

The next day came, the taxi was ready to pick us all up at 5.30am (it was going to be a long day for sure), everyone was still not quite awake and slightly nervous on what was to come.


The time had arrived, after a couple of photo’s and a chat with the film crew, we were lead into the studio to get familiar with the surroundings again as things had changed due the amount of cameras and camera men. Here we also met Cherish and Benoit for the first time. I had followed these guys all of my Career and they are Chefs that I respect because of their talent and what they have achieved in their careers.

I was a little starstruck but they soon put us at ease, well as much as they could under the circumstances. It was time for filming to start and the competition to begin……..Eeek! the butterflies began and dry mouth set in. “Chefs please get on your marks, Ready to go in 3-2-1!!!!!!!!”

On the next blog I will take you through the mayhem on the first part and the pure emotion on the second part.

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