Difficult times Part 1

2020 !! what can I say, the toughest year of my life to date? I thought that I have had some tough years in my life, and I have. But this year was on a different level!

Where to start? well, I guess at the beginning of 2020, New years eve in fact. I had a few very minor backaches in the past and always thought nothing of them, so, being me ignored these small warning signs, foolishly

Things were going brilliantly well at the resort and we had a special dinner lined up for new years eve, which entailed a few extra hours to prepare for the pastry team and me.

Black forest yumiiness

The day was long and we had all been on our feet from the early hour to get things right for the big night. I felt a slight ache throughout the day but didn’t think it would come to anything. As a chef and all chefs know that we, unfortunately, disregard our own health when it comes to pleasing the customer. We also have to work in a very bodily strain way with our necks bent at a back-breaking angle to our workbenches for very long hours.

, So, the night went very well, we finished around 11.30 pm, said hello and took the thanks for the night, then home. The following morning, jeepers! I could hardly get out of bed! It felt like someone had removed my spine. getting dressed for work was a nightmare, but again I thought it would just ease of after a few hours so continued to work. The pain did not ease and only got worse, to a point where I had to leave work to go home. Driving home from Birmingham to Cornwall was one of the most painful things I have done in a very long time. This was the start of so painful sciatica, 4 weeks of pain. And little did I know that this was only the start of my troubles.

Unfortunately at the time of having my damaged back and not being able to work for some weeks ( I still have problems now from this a year on.) did put pressure on our marriage, and was probably the final nail in the coffin. When My back had finally allowed me to get on my own feet and mobile to some degree, my wife and I decided to go our separate way after 25 years. I won’t go into the details about the how’s and why’s as some things need to remain private.

Little man

This obviously had a big effect on my youngest child and to some degree, my eldest child too, but he’s grown up and can understand that some things in life happen. It was a very difficult time for all, but it was time. So, after explaining things to my youngest and involving him in helping me find a new “man pad” as we liked to call it, things got a little brighter. I would pour all my efforts into making a new home for myself and the kids when they come to stay. Then I would return back to work with a lot of great things planned at the resort. A new and improved Tuk van to sell all our gorgeous creation, special guest chefs nights planned for the whole year with some of the biggest chefs in Birmingham and other areas, this was the pastry departments biggest year and we and the resort were pushing hard and in the right direction.

February flew by and I was keeping myself fully busy with planning things for the future of the pastry team. Then we hit March. We had heard of a small outbreak in China, A virus, one, at the time they said shouldn’t have a big effect on us and the rest of the world, “they are monitoring the situation”. Wow!. that Virus started to spread fast and was moving around the globe at an alarming rate. Close to the end of March, the whole country was on lockdown! Things would never be the same again.

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